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What it Means to be Voldemort

In Harry Potter Voldemort seems some how beyond human. After all, it isn't even up till the 4th book we see Vodemort in a human form. He is introduced with out a body of his own in the 1st book. It isn't even till the 6th book we see his distant past. You know, like when he had a nose. Is this because he isn't supposed to be human? He is just a general symbol of all evil, racist and corrupt in the world or a talented boy who was misguided? I thought it was that he was the later but I think he is more of a symbol. Very few people on earth are just that overall bad. Voldemort symbolizes and magnifies all this evil.

Voldemort is purely evil because he can't love. Dumbledore often criticized Voldemort for not being able to love. He was never loved, so he could never comprehend any power beyond actual power over others. Then again, you could say that this lack of love in such a twisted, yet gifted child was why he couldn't comprehend love and became a monster. Evil is the lack of any love or sympathy to make someone do truly incomprehensible acts of unkindness. Most people have love, either have been loved or loved someone or loved even something, so we wouldn't do the things Voldemort does.

He is also evil because of his fear of death. This fear is caused by his lack of love. In "Deathly Hallows" chapter 32 Voldemort says "Potter will come to me. I know his weakness, you see, his one great flaw. He will hate watching the others struck down around him, knowing that it is for him that it happens. He will stop it at any cost." He doesn't understand why there are people Harry would die for. He fears death more than anything. With out love he never had anyone he would die for, making his own death the worst thing imaginable rather than fearing living with out someone.

J.K Rowling shows he is evil through the Horcruxs. He has split his soul so many times he has gone insane. Every person has the ability to love but he has split up his soul and whatever love was in him got torn apart while spliting his soul. Much like how a broken heart can leave some one love sick, a broken soul leaves Voldemort's ability to love completely dead.

In a way Voldemort is similar to Snape. Snape sort of helped Voldemort in his way, they both were in Slytherin and they both were odd children who hated their muggle-side of their family. Snape however loved Lily and that kept him for becoming power-hungry and emotionless like Voldemort. Voldemort never was so close to anyone because he viewed it as weak. Snape knew Lily was so important to him that saving Lily's son was more important than surviving. Why live forever with no point? Voldemort didn't see this. His only goal was to live, who cares if there is a point?

In the end, whether Voldemort is total evil, or talent gone wrong, he is a warning. Give people a chance, learn to love them. If no one does they can become dangerous. We need to love others or else the only life we will cherish is our own, causing us to protect it to the point of our own destruction. In a way Voldemort is similar to Snape. Snape sort of helped Voldemort in his way, they both were in Slytherin and they both were odd children who hated their muggle-side of their family. Snape however loved Lily and that

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             In the book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" by J.K. Rowling, the government plays a big role in symbolizing faults in our government today. The government is shown at its weakest point, being unfair to the public, and doing horrible things to citizens based on race and friendliness. After reading it was obvious how many of these situations occur in the real world. When delving in it is obvious how clear Rowling made the connection. Throughout the series you begin to realize when getting deeper how many meanings she left in the words for the reader to infer. The fun is to figure out what threads of evidence you can find to support any secret messages.
             J.K. Rowling uses the character Voldemort to portray dictatorship in the world and all the countries that were a part of taking over the government in power. An example from the text is pg. 6 " 'At any rate, it remains unlikely that the Ministry will be mine before next Saturday.' " This is where Voldemort is speaking of the ambush of Harry's traveling plans and of how he is planning to take over the ministry by some point, he just can't yet. He feels like a modern day dictator to me because of the way he uses his power so strongly so people follow under him with no questions and he has the right feel and horrible attitude of one. Libya is the main place that pops into my head when I think about the situation occurring in the book it is basically a plan to completely ambush the ministry/government into having new rule and lose all power. Although Voldemort might seem like he is very happy and faithful to some of his death eaters it seems as though in the end he would leave them all behind and become supreme power.
             The character Umbridge and a few others are used to show how the government sides with racism for who knows what in the book and in the real world. This is shown on pg. 260 " 'T-took?' sobbed Mrs. Cattermole. 'I didn't t-take it from anybody. I b-bought it when I was eleven years old. It - it - it - chose me.' She cried harder than ever." This is when Umbridge and Yaxley are survey a woman who is clearly a witch who rightfully got her wand and even if she hadn't the government should no right to kill or imprison someone because of their race. This has definitely happened in our world a lot through history and sadly still occurs in many countries currently. Why should it be the ministries job to punish if you aren't enough pure blood? Why should it be the government or anyone's job to punish you for being black, Spanish, or any race not welcome in the area? Although here it was a mix of racism and government I still think it strongly goes under criticizing the government and the bad ways they've kept up for so long.
             J.K. Rowling uses the character Mundugus to show how the ministry uses their power in bad ways. For example on pg. 222 " 'I was selling in Diagon Alley and she comes up to me and asks if I've got a license for trading in magical artifacts. Bleedin' snoop. She was gonna fine me, but she took a fancy to the locket an' told me she'd take it and let me off that time, and to fink myself lucky.' " Here Mundugus the little rat who steals and sells everyone's valuables got away with trouble by bribing Umbridge to take a locket and not get in trouble in return. It so unconstitutional and ungrateful to use the immense power of the government behind you to get things you want. This has happened in the real world too where someone high up in the government will do something like the rape scandal with that man last year with his power and if in trouble not get totally screwed over because of their position.When things like this happen it is the citizens that should get angry and say something against those "full of themselves" people.
             I find it extremely interesting how J.K. Rowling chose to show this one trend line of example throughout the book. The places like these is where she is trying to get the reader to dig in deeper and realize the meaning and relation she is trying to show with the world and the book. Where she compared government racism with the ministry's I thought it was really powerful not only because it is such a huge issue in both worlds but because I feel like she really made her point with the different blood people. Go muggles, blood traitors, half-bloods and all the rest!!

Harry Potter epic blog post

In Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows Racism is a reoccurring theme in the book that only specific characters get. House elves, muggleborns, and blood traitors are the characters that have been discriminated by pure-bloods and half-bloods.

House elves are forced to follow wizards every command. People in the wizarding community and world look down on House elves because they look different, they act differently and in there eyes they believe that they are superior compared to Elves. This has been going on for so long that now House elves have been brainwashed into thinking that they should follow wizards orders, that its in there nature. They punish themselves when they do something against there masters exact orders. They are also been brainwashed into thinking that freedom is horrible, and to be free you shouldn’t be alive. House Elves are seen as the lowest class in the wizarding world and really don’t realize that they have powers of there own that they can do there own magic but refuse to free themselves. Almost just like people in the real world who are discriminated for looking different then what is deemed normal by certain people.

MuggleBorns are discriminated against because they are different and are believed that they shouldn’t be a part of the wizard world seeing as though they have no magical blood in them from there parents in the 7th book are said to have stolen there magic from other wizards. Because they are different pure-bloods and some half-bloods look down at muggleborns because they are different but see it as a bad thing. Muggleborns are seen as scum but not to everyone. Pure-bloods believe this for some dumb reasons to make them feel as though they are always going to be on top because there families are pure and both of there parents were a witch and wizard. Almost like how in the real world people are discriminated because of were there families from and were there origins are form or even there customs, jobs, and the way they act.

Blood traitors are discriminated against because they are nice to muggleborns and don’t really care about the social status and the fact that in the minds of purebloods they should not fraternize with the muggleborns or be friends with them. Just because they are pureblood they are believe that they should only hang out with there crowd and no one else. Almost like how people are expected to do something and do the exact opposite. They can be assumed that there going to do one thing and do the exact opposite. They don’t act like there a part of there actual so called social class.

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Draco and Dumbeldore

Through out the book draco has seemed to be a character sworn on making Harrys life a living hell. Dumbledor seemed to almost be like a second father to Harry a person who looked after him and tried to lead him in the path of love and friednship adn to bbe good. Buth dumbledore had secrets of his past that no one knew abou that made harry somewhat thinking that maybe dumbledore shouldn't have been Trusted and Draco was never to be trusted.
Throughout the book both of thes charatcers took a ride with Harry on everyone of his adventures wether to help him or to make sure he failed adn although repeatingly he almsoted failed and through sometihng he manged to succeed. Dumbledore was harrys closest thing to a reall father or a very good friend before siruous. Draco was the absolute most evil thing in hogwarts to Harry and he thought that would never change. Whne dumbledore died that was a turning point in harry's mind saying that he must now take hold of his future and figure out what to do with it because before that he was just trying to survive school and he had dumbledor to help take care of him and keep him safe.Without dumbledore he felt as though he had no one to keep him safe or lead  him to safety. No one to protect him anymore.
With draco being slowly led into believing the dark lord is right that Harry should die that theres no other rule but lord voldermorts. He just had to roll with the punches and forced to feel as though he must be something he is not hes forced to be his parents image of the perfect son and voldermorts perfect piece.
In my mind i see this game as a chess gmmae and all the important people are the pieces adn since Harry was little it was dumbledore and voldermort playing the game. But when dumbledore died voldermort believed he won but didnt realize harry was being tain to win the game and not to lose adn it led out to he had to fight this battle on his own whilst voldermort didnt care who he sacrificed as long as he won.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ms. R's question #3

Why do you think that JKR created the characters of the house elves? (Think across all books.)

Ms. R's Question #2

Think about the different combinations characters have of both wealth and blood status are in the series.  What do you think JKR is trying to say through them?

Ms. R's Question #1

What is your analysis of Draco as a character? 

  • Why did JKR create him? 
  • What kind of future do you think he has? How is that connected to Dumbledore's final act of grace towards him?