Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Harry Potter epic blog post

In Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows Racism is a reoccurring theme in the book that only specific characters get. House elves, muggleborns, and blood traitors are the characters that have been discriminated by pure-bloods and half-bloods.

House elves are forced to follow wizards every command. People in the wizarding community and world look down on House elves because they look different, they act differently and in there eyes they believe that they are superior compared to Elves. This has been going on for so long that now House elves have been brainwashed into thinking that they should follow wizards orders, that its in there nature. They punish themselves when they do something against there masters exact orders. They are also been brainwashed into thinking that freedom is horrible, and to be free you shouldn’t be alive. House Elves are seen as the lowest class in the wizarding world and really don’t realize that they have powers of there own that they can do there own magic but refuse to free themselves. Almost just like people in the real world who are discriminated for looking different then what is deemed normal by certain people.

MuggleBorns are discriminated against because they are different and are believed that they shouldn’t be a part of the wizard world seeing as though they have no magical blood in them from there parents in the 7th book are said to have stolen there magic from other wizards. Because they are different pure-bloods and some half-bloods look down at muggleborns because they are different but see it as a bad thing. Muggleborns are seen as scum but not to everyone. Pure-bloods believe this for some dumb reasons to make them feel as though they are always going to be on top because there families are pure and both of there parents were a witch and wizard. Almost like how in the real world people are discriminated because of were there families from and were there origins are form or even there customs, jobs, and the way they act.

Blood traitors are discriminated against because they are nice to muggleborns and don’t really care about the social status and the fact that in the minds of purebloods they should not fraternize with the muggleborns or be friends with them. Just because they are pureblood they are believe that they should only hang out with there crowd and no one else. Almost like how people are expected to do something and do the exact opposite. They can be assumed that there going to do one thing and do the exact opposite. They don’t act like there a part of there actual so called social class.

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