Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ms. R's Question #1

What is your analysis of Draco as a character? 

  • Why did JKR create him? 
  • What kind of future do you think he has? How is that connected to Dumbledore's final act of grace towards him?


  1. One reason that JKR created Draco Malfoy's character is to further emphasize the theme of giving people second chances. Through Harry's eyes, Malfoy was always "evil" and racist. He predicted Malfoy would go to the dark side. But when Malfoy faced the task of killing Dumbledore, Dumbledore gave him a second chance. He told Malfoy that he could keep him safe and away from harm. He saw the good in Malfoy (or his potential) that others may not have seen.

  2. Also, JKR is trying to show that Malfoy isn't always as awful as he appears. He is scared and placed in an uncomfortable position. Through Harry's eyes, it was easy to judge Malfoy easily. But now we see his side of the story. Don't be too quick to judge people until you know their whole life story.

    ~Life lesson from Ms.Robbins~ :)

  3. I think Draco was created to show how--to quote Star Wars--"there's always a bigger fish." Meaning, there's always another enemy, a more powerful one. Draco is in the middle of that scale. Harry hated Dudley, then he met Draco. He hated Draco, and then Voldemort became a bigger threat and he ended up saving his life.
    Dumbledore allowing Draco to disarm him was most likely, as always, for the greater good. If Draco disarmed him, the wand would be safe from Voldemort. Voldemort thought it was the wizard who killed its previous master who mastered the wand. That way, it would never serve him properly.

  4. Draco represented to me giving people a second chance. Draco came from a very rich, pure blooded, wizard family. He was really just a jerk to Harry, but they never really started off in a good place anyway. To the audience Draco was really weak and a jerk and we all really hated him. But if the story had been written in his point of view, things would have been a lot different. One of the reasons he was so mean to everyone was mostly because of the believes he had been brought up with as a child. He was pressured by Voldemort and the Death Eaters to kill Dumbledore, which he couldn't really do. Dumbledore forgave him because he didn't think that Draco was really all that evil and gave him another chance. Harry sort of followed Dumbledore's example at the end of series by saving Draco even though he hated him. This helped Harry because when he told Narcissa that Draco was still alive, she didn't rat him out to Voldemort. I think that this really taught us all about giving other people second chances.

  5. I think Draco was created to show the theme of redemption. He was never set to be a wholehearted bad character, but rather to display complicated and often unexplored storylines. In the first book, Draco is seen as the typical school bully that's bound to be in any children/young adult book - be it wizards, vampires, or just normals children. At a young age, he is presented with no redeeming qualities, he's just a bad guy. But as the series progresses, little hairline cracks in his walls begin to appear, which show the real Draco. The Draco that is a scared boy who's being forced to prematurely become a man, and subsequently a Death Eater.

    In the future, I think Draco will slowly break away from his father's deathly expectations and his mother's nurturing grip. Throughout the series, very little details have lead me to believe that Draco will not keep this "school bully" personality- grown adults rarely do. I think Dumbledore's act of grace prevented Draco from fully forming "an armor" to an extent. To have killed someone, at such a young age, would have been the turning point. There would have been no looking back for Draco from there.

    1. That's a brilliant idea Layla and I totally agree with what you're saying. So much elaboration on an already strong theory!

  6. Draco was a character created to show an enemy at Hogwarts. I think that he was created to show some conflict at Hogwarts as well as other places with Voldemort. It was also to show that people can change as in book seven.

  7. I think that JK rowling originally created him to be Harry's antagonist at Hogwarts when Voldemort wasn't reallyaround. But as the series ocmers to a close, I also think the Rowling created him to show that people that start out evil don't always have to end up evil. I also think that Draco has a bright future ahead of him, because of what Dumbledor did for him. His future would have been very different if he would have killed someone at such a young age.

  8. Draco is the kind of character that doesnt know what he wants but thinks beause his dad is rich and well known that he can do whatever. Throughout the books you see him evolving as the that kind of character that wants to provoke fights but not be in them, the kind of person that can talk but dont do what they sayin really. That was his type of charcter through out most of the book then he was accepted to be a death Eater and pressured to kill Dumbledore which was a task draco tried to complete by not actually being there and saying the curse. Such as the poison ad cursed necklace. But thats really when you notice him start to change when hes told he must kill somebody. Yes he was a jerk to harry but i also believe it was in his nature to turn out that waya when JKR made the character and the book that he would end upsomething like this becasue of his background