Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ron and harry

   I just read the part in the book in which Harry and Ron have a BIG argument. This isn't the first time it has happened. This is the second time and the first time was in the 4th book. In the fourth book, Ron was jealous of harry's fame. Now Ron is angry at him AND hermione because he thinks that they don't care about him. Harry was also mad because all Ron did was sit around being lazy and begging for food.
  This is a major point in the final book. This is because the moment can decide whether or not Harry and Hermione can confide and trust in Ron at all. The moment where we find out if Ron is Harry's actual friend. It's also a big part because ron was Harry's first ever friend. The blow could easily affect his future decisions and how he acts, his futre emotions, and he acts out overall basically.
  This is a crucial moment in the final moment and leaves me with questions. How does Harry end up feeling about this. Is he Guilty? Angry? How is Hermione feeling about this? Sad? Frustrated? How is RON feeling? Confused? I am going to be looking for this in the future pages of this book.

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