Monday, February 6, 2012

Seeing Red

Earlier today, I talked about my views as Harry as a person in the seventh book. This goes somewhere far different than the issues of government, racism, etc. However, it does tie in with the issues revolving around characters such as Dumbledore and Snape. These people have changed Harry, and his perspective on the world. In fact, every character in Harry Potter has affected his outlook on life. Even the tiniest, most irrelevant characters have had something to say that makes Harry think in a different way than before.

This charges full steam ahead in "The Deathly Hallows". His views are being changed. Harry is a 17 year old boy, being pressured to drop everything he has and fight against the dark arts. He is hormonal, young and moody. I can't say I blame him, but something about his characterization in the seventh book makes me cringe. He goes from this sweet, although slightly naive, boy in his Uncle's cupboard to this brooding, angry man. From the very first book, his eyes open to a world that he never knew existed- that he couldn't ever have dreamed of.  But at this point in time, the air Harry gives off is so unappealing to me.

It's not even something I can place, exactly. It's just the way J.K. Rowling writes him in general. Everything he says, and the description following seems to have this tight, arrogant feeling to him. It isn't a specific line, but it's the way he treats other characters. Even Lupin, who is his elder and someone he used to respect immensely, is someone he told off in a less than kind fashion. His attitude is growing strongly irritating. He flips out due to information on Dumbledore's past, when all their conversations had been about Harry. As someone in the book club said, there were more important things going on. Fighting the Dark Lord seems to take an infinitely huge priority about a few months of funk Dumbledore went through when he was 17.

In conclusion, there isn't one piece of textual evidence I can use to support this. It's just the general aura you get (or I get) from reading the seventh book. Such as with Romeo, you get that he's sensitive, gentle and naive. With Harry, I get that he's (currently) angry, irritated and arrogant.


  1. Layla, I definitely agree with you about the fact that Harry is angry and irritated! Part of it is definitely hormones, but he's also angry at Dumbledore.

    But I must say that I disagree with you in the idea that Harry is being arrogant. I don't think he's being arrogant, he's just taking his anger out on other people, which isn't good at all! But Harry has a mission to accomplish. Whether he likes it or not, it is his destiny to defeat Voldemort or die.

    And since Dumbledore left him with little help and Harry found about his past, he has lost faith in Dumbledore. If I were Harry, I wouldn't have judged Dumbledore for what he did as a child, but I understand why he is angry.

    1. I agree exactly Eleni! You stole the words right out of my mouth. The majority of people here think that Harry's being arrogant but I totally disagree. It seems us anti-arrogant folks have to stick together here. :/

    2. I'm with you, Micah! Haha! I need dialogue or SOLID evidence from someone in order for them to convince me that Harry is arrogant.

  2. I completely agree. I find it so hard to like Harry these days. Wha makes me think he arrogant is not what he does or what he is destined to be, but the actual fact that we are inside of his head throughout the whole entire book.

  3. That was a god observations and couldn't have said it myself. We can definitely tell Harry has changed and i think you have proved it.

  4. Harry has changed...and part of me thinks that it is too bad we can't see him grow into adulthood. Being a teenager/young adult is such a hard time in general. Maybe it's because I am an adult and have survived and reflected on my own adolescent experience that I sympathize with harry a bit and don't want to judge him too harshly. He is dealing with deep, complex, potentially fatal issues--things that I would not wish upon any teenager. Part of me likes the fact that JKR wrote him in this way, because otherwise i think that we would find him *too* "perfect," you know? So, i understand that he isn't as likable, but i believe that he will grow into a more likable adult once this is all least in my imagination:)