Sunday, January 22, 2012

Group Blog Requirements

While you are epically re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, you are excused from your personal blog and will be posting on this blog instead.  The requirements here are to:

  • Write one post per week that furthers our in class discussions or covers something that we did not have time to discuss during our meetings.  This blog is a place to discuss the things we may not get a chance to talk about in class.  There should be very limited retell, as we've all read the series! Use plenty of specific references, though.  
  • Be an active commenter. Your requirement is the same as the rest of the class: you must comment on two posts per week.  Comments should continue the conversation. 
  • Try to write in a way that invites a response from readers.  If your original post doesn't ask a question or pose an idea that is thought provoking or controversial, chances are people won't choose your post to comment on.  
  • Post additional comments (long or short) to exceed standards.  
  • Use labels so that our collective thoughts are loosely organized.  Before you post, look at the labels that have already been used, and if you can use the existing ones.  For example, there shouldn't be one label called "Harry" and another called "Harry Potter."  In ELA terms, we call that "redundant"! 
  • As much as I love the film versions, this is a book club! All references must be made to the book!
You will have one final "epic post" due once we are finished with the book. I will explain more about that later.

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