Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jealousy and Friendship

     Of course, Harry and Ron have been best friends since their first year in Hogwarts, but that is not to say that they have always been friends, or that they never fought. Nobody's friendship is like that. There are always some rough patches. For Harry, the first time he and Ron fought was in their fourth year when Harry entered the Triwizard Tournament. Later in the book, Hermione reveals that Ron was, well, pissed off because he was totally jealous of Harry because of all the attention he was getting. Now, it has happened again, only that Ron thinks that Hermione prefers Harry to him.

     There's a saying that i have heard before, " You must love someone as much as you hate them."
Now, i'm pretty sure that that can apply to the moment when Harry says he felt a corrosive anger towards Ron, it was like something had broken between them." Of course, they really seem to have a really strong connection, that only has one weakness. Jealousy. Both times both have fought it's because Ron fells small, overshadowed when compared to Harry, not to mention that he's been overshadowed by most of his brothers in the family.

    Anyways, what i'm trying to say is that jealousy is something that can cause more disaster between two people than a bomb, because it seems to be the only thing that can penetrate the bond of friendship, and everyone shouldn't feel jealous of others, they should be happy and satisfied with what they have and own.



  1. Yes, jealousy really tears apart friendships. This is very well done, I like the way you show the tension dating back even to the fourth book. I hadn't considered that those arguments would be linked. If Harry had what Ron had and Ron had what Harry had, would they be happier? or would they be just as jealous?

  2. I definitely felt jealousy throughout this series, especially between Harry and Ron. Most of the tension started in fourth book. I feel like Ron was just jealous of not being the "hero" in this story and not being in the spot light.

  3. YES!! i remember that and it affected the way i started thinking about the series because although its all magical and fantasy, it can still relate to real world problems we face everyday.