Tuesday, January 31, 2012

  I think that Harry Potter shows what a true hero is. In many different ways, despite the fact he has suffered a lot. i don't think anyone can support losing their parents. Getting treated badly by the only family left to him. And just having a lousy lie no child would want to have. But harry still stands through it all and survivges the treacherous deeds and i think that bravery, strength, nerve, and courage makes what Harry is, a true hero.
  Living in a life full of parents is miserable. No one to comfort you. No one to feed you a hot dinner in front of you. I think this shows strength and bravery. Living with his miserable cousin and aunt and uncle is another living nightmare. Forced to live as though he doesn't exist, is messed up. But the fact that they constantly bully him in such way is messed up. I think it shows strnegth, courage, nerve, and bravery to live like that for about 10 years.
  I think i can connect to people around the world. who have to constantly deal  with the way people treat them everyday. And it can be about anything. Weight, Looks, etc. I think we should all treat each other equally and be strong like Harry Potter is!

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